La Botanique Cocktail is a company based in Sutton in the Eastern Townships. The founder, Julie Cateysson, winner of several prestigious mixology competitions*, has more than 10 years of experience as a bar chef and event coordinator.

This project is a combination of his passion for mixology and local flavors that will introduce you to products with unusual flavors that will enrich your cocktail evenings.

Our motto: cocktail gastronomy delivered to your door. La Botanique Cocktail will please everyone. Whether for a mixology event, a cocktail workshop or a cocktail “kit” box, you will be delighted with your choice.

Our ingredients come mainly from producers or distributors in the Eastern Townships near where we create our products. Aware of our impact on the environment, we choose our products carefully. Our long-term vision: an economy that is as circular as possible! Respect for the environment is at the center of each of our decisions.

* 2nd place public choice in the Made with Love competition (15 high-caliber mixologists participating)
* 3rd place in the Made with Booze competition (20 high-caliber mixologists participating)
* Participation in the Speed ​​Rack competition (to raise funds for breast cancer)


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